WIX vs. WordPress – Which One You Should Really Be Using

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Which One Should I use?

You’re probably here because you are ready to start a website but have been hearing a lot of people rant about using WordPress vs. WIX. You’re most likely new to creating a website, want to build something very quick and simple, but you also really care about it looking aesthetically pleasing. In this article we’re going to be talking about the difference between these two platforms and which one you should really be using.

Which is better for building Any type of website


WIX is built to be an all in one platform. So essentially you can pretty much do anything and everything with WIX from building an e-commerce platform to designing a course page, to hosting your Save the Date. Their selling point is their pre-made professionally designed templates that you can use and edit to your liking in a drag and drop format.

WordPress is built to be a powerful CMS (content management system). Because it’s modular, you can build anything you want on the site, but it’s most popular for building blogs. Their selling point is that you have the freedom to create a truly customized website

Which One is easier to use


WIX was made for the person who doesn’t know how to code, and has never had a website before. Arguably the target audience here is newbies. Because it has a very intuitive drag and drop interface, the learning curve is very small.

WordPress, on the other hand, is made for the person who has a background in website design (or at least willing to get their hands dirty) and not afraid to use some form of code to customize the website. It’s very complex, mostly because, you can customize it to do whatever you want. Think of it as Legos, you have a whole bunch of pieces, and depending on the way you put them together you can make a boat, or a castle. Luckily WordPress has some cool plug-ins like Elementor, that allow you to build your website in a drag and drop fashion like WIX.

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Which is less expensive


WIX puts a lot into their platform and not surprisingly makes you pay for it. They simplify the whole process of buying domain and hosting in one place so you don’t have to go somewhere else to do it. Note that WIX does offer a free plan. But be warned, that plan offers limited features. But if you’re here, likely, you’re going to need some more advance stuff like custom forms, calendars for booking, buy buttons, etc. So from a business perspective, you’ll need a paid subscription to get the best out of WIX.

In contrast WordPress (Wordpredd.org specifically) is free. The caveat is you have to find your own domain, hosting (and likely theme if you’re not familiar with coding). From there, you’ll be able to download WordPress and get to work. In most cases when you crunch the numbers, the annual cost of running a WordPress site is less than WIX.

Which one is better for design


If you’re really creative and have a knack for design, WIX definitely gives you a ton flexibility to be able to make things look exactly how you want it. They really do a great job of providing a ton of templates for you to create a unique website, so designing something that look gorgeous is definitely possible with WIX.

WordPress is also a designers best friend, especially when you have a website builder that can help you customize everything from the font, to the colors. Online markets offer a sea full of themes (which are templates) that you can use as the foundation for you design.

Which One has better SEO


This can often be a hairy topic, because WIX has been working hard to remove that stigma of having lousy SEO. Historically, there have been complaints that it is not the best. But WIX has been providing everything from faster loading to breadcrumb, proper tagging and SSL certificates.

You can find all those exact same features in WordPress. In fact, you can install plugins that will help with SEO.

My Recommendation

If you’re new to websites, and want design, create, and manage it yourself, WIX will help you get started without having to learn complex code. It’s also your best bet if you can’t design, but need a starting point by using one of the many professional templates available. WIX also provides customer support, and has a very well documented library of frequently asked questions should you run into any problems. I personally started off designing with WIX and enjoyed it.

All that being said, I recommend using WordPress if you’re looking for a powerful platform that you can customize to your specific needs. Developers and designers have been crafting amazing tools, and templates for years to be able to help make designing and launching a WordPress website easier for you, the end user. I personally started using WordPress because I wanted a better blogging platform that was speedier to design.

Time to take action

I want to know in the comments, which platform should you be using based on the information in this article? Let me know below.

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