Starting a career in website design (even when you have no experience)

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Are you thinking about starting a career in web design but feeling overwhelmed because you have no experience? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help you kick-start your career in web design.

Basic tips Skills you need to get started as a website designer

Start with the basics

Before jumping into web design, you need to have a basic understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, and user experience. You can find plenty of online courses and resources that can help you learn the fundamentals. Here’re a quick list to help you get started:


Creating Moodboards And Color Palettes

User Experience And Designing User Interfaces

Get your hands dirty

Theory is great, but practice is where the real learning happens. Start designing websites for friends, family, or local businesses. This will help you build your portfolio and get some real-world experience.

Learn from the pros

Follow web design blogs, YouTube channels, and social media accounts of experienced designers to get inspiration and learn new techniques.

Build your portfolio

A portfolio is essential to showcase your work and attract potential clients. Make sure your portfolio includes a variety of projects that highlight your skills and style.

Create a Design Process

The greatest thing I did was create a process that helped me set expectations and actually build a client experience. This made my website design experience feel less like a hobby and more like a business. I used the experience I had from working with clients for cheap and free, and turned it into a step by step guide that allowed me to go from a to z when working with clients.

Now, let’s talk about some common obstacles you might face and how to overcome them.

Obstacles You Might Face And How To Overcome Them

  1. Imposter syndrome You might feel like you don’t belong in the industry because you don’t have a formal design education or years of experience. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, and your unique perspective and creativity can be an asset.
  2. Finding clients Starting out, finding clients might be challenging. Consider offering your services for free or at a reduced rate to build your portfolio and network.
  3. Dealing with difficult clients Unfortunately, not all clients are easy to work with. Set clear expectations from the beginning, communicate effectively, and be open to feedback.

Here’s a summary to “Starting Your Web Design Career”

  1. Learn the basics of design
  2. Practice by designing websites for friends or local businesses
  3. Build a portfolio showcasing your work
  4. Follow experienced designers for inspiration and education
  5. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies

Download the free worksheet to keep track of your progress:

So, are you ready to kick-start your web design career and unleash your creativity? Remember, with passion, hard work, and determination, anything is possible! What should we talk about next?

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