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I’m Shirley. Your brand is a hidden treasure and my job is to help you get seen, heard, and paid what you’re worth.

You’re likely here because you’re one of the many website owners who wants to rank better on google. In fact, this is probably the number one goal of majority of my client projects. They say “I want to rank higher on google. So the other day when I saw a video by neil patel, it was like Tupac, Aaliyah, and Kobe got together to answer this call. So let’s talk about the stuff on your website that’s keeping you from ranking higher.

In this article we’ll be talking about

  1. Why you even want to bother ranking high on google searches
  2. 5 things to remove immediately from your website if you want to rank higher
  3. 3 things to put on your website instead

Why you even want to bother ranking high on google

Question: what’s the first thing you do when you don’t know the answer to something? You pick up your phone, go to a little something something called google and type in the answer. The next thing you do it look at the top 5 things that pop up and maybe if you’re feeling extra patient, will scroll through page 2 or 3 to see if there’s anything good in the results. So as a website, you’re looking to be one of those people on the first page, and right on the mother loving top of that bad boy.

This is the main and likely the only reason people are so obsessed with tweaking their websites so that it can show up at the top of the Google search. When you’re website is not showing up at the top of the search, guess what? You’re going to have to to put in a lot more work and likely money, to promote and get traffic to your website.

But here’s what I found out that absolutely blows my mind: if you focus on what you can remove from your website, instead of focussing on what you can add, you can get some better results that will help with your ranking.
Let’s get into it.

5 things you should remove immediately from your website if you want to rank better on Google.

Remove outdated content.

This is content that aren’t performing well. go to an old post, and update the information then republish.

Remove pages with skinny content.

Those are posts with 500 words and below. Why? because they’re not valuable. Long form content (posts that are 2000+ get 9x more leads than something short. The reason is obvious, it really dives deep, gets, juicy, and gives you more than what you were asking for. Who doesn’t want that? If you don’t plan to bulk them up, just let them go sis. It aint worth keeping.

The ads.

I actually didn’t know this at first, but adding ads to your website bloats the site, and thus increases your website load time. Fast load time is something that helps you rank higher in Google. But load time aside, ads on your website just down right suck up all the energy of your users experience. Here they are trying to find a way to fix their problem, when all the sudden they’re distracted by something flashy on the left, right, above, below and in between the blog posts. Yuck. This experience is especially worse on mobile. Listen to me carefully, if it’s distracting people will leave your website.

Intrusive pop ups.

The crazy thing about pop ups is that even as annoying as they are, they do help with a small percentage of conversion. In fact most websites will see about a 3% conversion for email sign ups using pops. The problem with pop up when it comes to rankings is that it literally blocking people from the answer that they’re looking for. Instead, save them for exits intent. You can literally set up your pop ups to only show up if they hove over the exit button. You can calso move your opt ins inline or bottom of page

Stuff that doesn’t add value.

Creating articles that just spew out the same information aint helping no one so add you own

4 things to put on your website instead

Here’s what will have Google and your website visitors walking on air:


Screenshots basically help people see exactly what it is you’re talking about. Nothing is left to the imagination and they get the full picture.

Real Life Examples.

Especially if you’re doing business with millenial and Gen X it’s best to tell ’em what to do then plug in something that they can relate to so they can actually absorb the information.


See if you can create a google spreadsheet, quiz, or program that can actually simulate a real result. This is a brilliant way to get people to interact with your website, and walk away saying “damn that really helped me solve my specific problem.”

Videos or Audio.

Using multiple mediums on your blog posts

It’s time to show up

I know this information was valuable so your challenge this week is to go through one of your old post and update the information so that it is relevant for this year and republish it. Then when you’re done go into the comments and link your post below so that I can see it.


The reason you want to even bother ranking high on google is because the person you want to help has picked up their phone and found you on the first page of their google search.

But there are things that are hurting you from ranking higher such asHaving outdated content on your website. You need to set time aside to update that content for the current year, and republish because Google favors fresh content over old content

Having short form content, because that short form content doesn’t help really solve the problem. Content with 2000+ words dive deep and exceed the expectation of the person whose looking for your to fix their problem
Having intrusive flashy ads because they’re distracting the person on your site and basically sending them away from your website instead on keeping them there
Having obnoxious pop ups. People are learning to ignore them, and the conversions are not as strong as they used to be. Save them for exit intent only.

and finally

Stuff that doesn’t add value because if your website is just saying the exact same thing they could find from another website, your website visitor will think you have nothing better to offer. So put don’t forget to put in your two cents.

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