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Why WordPress Over Wix

Intro to Why WordPress over Wix

If you’re here it’s because some expert told you that WordPress is the worst and you should move to wix. So today we’re going to answer 

Let’s get in it


why you would choose wix over wordpress

If you’re an early stage business owner who is bootstrapping your business – meaning you’re working your way to profit from the ground up without taking out loans, borrowing money, raising capital or using investors – then it’s likely you’re doing everything yourself including creating your own website. So likely you’ve discovered the world of no code website design platforms that will help you get your website up and running without having to get a degree in web design. You’ll likely have heard of people talking about no code website applications like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify to name a few.

Now the reason most business owners who are creating a website themselves would want to use Wix is because it literally requires no code skills. They have a team of really smart people who have thought about everything an experienced website designer might have trouble with, and put it all on a platform that will give you the power to design and launch a damn good looking website in hours! You heard that hours (not weeks, months, or even years). 


What things are really great about having a wix website

So at this point you probably made the decision to tinker with wix. Launch your website, and things are taking off. What’s great about Wix is that you can pretty much do everything your heart desires all on one platform. 

If you want to build a course site, that’s possible because they’ve built in an integration that allows you to add classes and registration.

If you want to create a membership platform, that’s possible because they’ve created an integration that allows you to make pages that are only visible to people who pay you

Need to add a shop page to your website? Boom, that is possible too. Because they have integrations that connect to paypal so that you can make money.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a caveat…


What sucks about having a wix website

As a no code designer I started to see the limitations of Wix early. If you’ve ever used video editing software of any kind, you’d know that it makes your computer run obnoxiously slow. So if you want to get super creative with the website, it stresses your computer and suddenly everything is moving as slow as snails. This is probably the top downside of using Wix. Because they’ve created something so amazing, the price unfortunately was speed, and it’s ultimately the main reason I decided to try another platform.

Another major downfall of Wix is SEO. No I will chock this one up to hearsay but the reason people really make the switch from wix to another platform is the ability to help you rank on Google, and ultimately give you the flexibility to increase your ranking. Now if you’re not concerned about organic website traffic, then this won’t bother you in a bit, but if you’re growing your business, and find you want to attract more people to your website with search optimizations strategies, then this might be a big deal break.

Finally, if you’re thinking long term, you’ll start to crunch the numbers and realize that you’re paying Wix a good chunk of change to keep your website up.


Which is a great opportunity to talk about WordPress


Why you may want to use wordpress

After using wix for a bit you start running into a few issues. At this point in your business, you’re still bootstrapping it, but you’re getting business, and starting to run low on time, so you figure it’s time to hire someone to help you.


WordPress got into the no code website game early, and the other platforms followed. In fact a good chunk of websites we know and love use WordPress such as disney, beyonce, the walking dead website, and even the New Yorker.


WordPress’s claim to fame is flexibility and affordability, because you can essentially control everything that goes on your website and wordpress is absolutely free, you just have to pay for your own hosting and domain name.


Now before you get all excited and get ready to kick Wix to the curb, let’s talk cons


Some of the things that suck about using wordpress

Bootstrap business owners who are building their own website hate WordPress because it’s confusing. They have no clue how to start a wordpress site, how to access their website to make edits, how to actually start creating a really good website, and so forth.

If it were to tell you WordPress did not come with a learning curve that would be a complete lie. I nearly tossed in the towel a few times when I first started with WordPress. Because it was unlike anything I had ever used before. It really required time to understand that WordPress was an open canvas and they were essentially trying to take the limits off what you can do, so that you can make your website into anything you want.

After getting the gist of things, I could see that building a website in WordPress was way faster than building a website in Wix. And I even found a way that I could build a customized website with a drag and drop interface like Wix, but then came the other dreaded downside of WordPress, which was the maintenance

Unfortunately, you can not set it and forget it with WordPress. You have to monitor it pretty much daily, because if you don’t your website will crash and go offline. And this is usually a major deal breaker for people. As a bootstrap business owner wearing all the hats and doing all the things, daily website maintenance is not something that most people want to add on their list of things to do.

And it’s especially stressful when you have a ton of potential customers who can’t access your website because it crashed.


Summary: Which one is best for you- Wix or WordPress?

WordPress is best for the business owner who can invest in hiring someone to come in and maintain the website. With time your website can rank really well in google, you’ll find you can control the cost of keeping your website up, and you’ll find building a website faster than it is on wix. However keep track of your website hosting, domain, and admin panels because they are likely going to be in several different places.

Wix is best for the business owner who doesn’t have design skills, and wants to get something started in hours. You won’t need to have multiple logins, because your domain, hosting, email marketing, and everything else is all in one place. However, if google ranking is important to you, you may want to check out your other options.