The Greatest Brand
The Greatest Brand
The Only Marketing to Focus on In 2021

The only things your marketing in 2021 should focus on for growth are…

You increase brand awareness by showing up.

Pro tip: if you show up in 5 of your target market’s top favorite places to visit (podcast, new articles, youtube channel, etc.) you instantly increase your awareness

You increase website traffic with content.

We’re talking stuff people can watch, listen to, download, or read that people can actually turn around and use to see if it works. Stop being stingy, give the people a taste of what they want

You increase sales leads by making an offer

because after people have consumed a taste of the stuff that works, they’re going to want the full meal

You turn those leads into clients by asking for the sale

Your website’s sales page is where people read about your offer and make the final decision: do I want to buy or nah.

Which one are you working on starting tomorrow?