The Greatest Brand
The Greatest Brand
How to Getting Your Audience's Full Attention

If you’re here, it’s because you’re likely struggling to get people’s attention on your platform. Whether it’s on your website, social media, in audio, etc. you may feel like you’re getting lost in all the noise. Here’s the reason you’re not getting your audience’s full attention on your website.

You’re not use high quality images.

it’s damn near the 22nd century and this is seriously still an issue for for people. Professional pictures make a difference. Don’t fight it, just do it.

You’re using a color palette that looks like everyone else or just plain ol ugly.

There is a reason people get paid to do research on color psychology. Those tried and true combinations to get attention, and influence behaviors

You’re not distinctively distinguishing your text.

You need to break down your copy so people can digest the information, otherwise they’ll ignore it

You’re not using the boldest color in your brand for the buttons.

Instead it’s disappearing into the website, and people are missing it.

You’re not leveraging animations to draw attention to an area.

A simple fade will instant draw the user’s eye to the exact area you want them to pay attention to

You almost never balance your main point with a visual aid.

With 50% of the population being visual learners it’s not optional to use icons or photographs, it’s necessary to help them get the point.

Which tip slapped you in the face and called you silly? 😜