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Greatest Books To Read in 2021 for Entrepreneurs

2020 had my head scattered all over the place. Can you remember what you were thinking when wind of Coronavirus first hit? Because I can distinctly remember thinking that it wouldn’t be that bad. Then on afternoon, a trip to the grocery store changed all of that.

I walked into a packed store on a Wednesday afternoon to see an unusually packed parking lot followed by even more active grocery store. The empty carts were nowhere to be found. Instead I found person after person with those very carts clutched to their hands. Filling it to the brim with everything they saw in sight. Potato chips to serve a small army. Enough soda to fill a bathtub, and enough meat to start a block party bar-b-que. Some carried two shopping carts full of stuff that would make you think the apocalypse was coming. A walk down the toilet paper aisle was like walking through an abandoned parking lot. It was beyond desolate and empty. That’s when I realized, “okay maybe this is serious.”

The Best Books to Read Especially in Hard Times

Not even 24 hours later, a friend from my old job calls to tell me that they let her go. So naturally a slight panic started to creep into my chest because not 6 months earlier, at 3 months pregnant, I left that very job to go full time into my web design business. I was optimistic. Things were going pretty great. But in that moment, I wondered if I had gone completely mad. Holding my newborn baby, I stared down at my 3 year old whose birthday was less than two weeks away and then back into the eyes of my husband whose eyes showed signs of panic too, think wtf are we going to do?

One thing we can certainly say for sure, is that life if absolutely unpredictable. Especially when one moment you’re having a perfectly normal Tuesday, and the next, you’re frantically trying to stockpile as much Lysol as you can. As a business owner you can help but think one thing and one thing only: is it all going to fail?

The Secrets of Six-Figure Women

When my business didn’t completely crumble to the ground in a pile of dust, I obsessed about how I could make more money and make it fast. I started listening to this book to figure out what it takes to be a six figure woman and was shocked to find a whole chapter that addressed what to do when the economy is absolute trash and everything is falling apart.

Book of the Week: Secrets of Six-Figure Women — Power of Women in our  Sixties

It was freaky at first because the book was written in 2002. That was way before the recession, and almost 20 years before the pandemic. And yet, Barbara Stany managed to hit the hammer on the nail when preaching about what we (woman or man) need to understand about managing ourselves and our expectations in any economy.

As a business owner, you’ll love this insight, and even further you’re going to have several light bulb moments when you realize

  1. You can achieve financial success regardless of what you’re doing. That goes for the person who doodles for a living or the person who trains cats to pee. The point is 6-figure lifestyle is possible for you too
  2. To get there you don’t have to work 24 hours a day. Yes, you will have to work hard, but hard work and work all the time are not one and the same
  3. You will enjoy the process more if your keep you eyes on the prize. The prize, despite what you believe, is not the money, but your values (the lifestyle you want, your integrity, your non negotiables)
  4. You’re going to be more frightened than a baby. It will happen often. And still, you’re going to need to wear that fear like fierce shade of lipstick and keep it moving. Yes people can see it, yes it will get everywhere and on everything. But that’s not going to stop you from eating or drinking.

There are 8 secrets all together and you can read them in the book.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

I next picked up this book after listening to an interview with Mike and my coach Jereshia Hawk in a podcast interview. Mostly because he talked about using a method called Profit First in your business. Meaning you need to stop paying everyone else before you start paying yourself.

An Intro to the Profit First System for Solopreneurs — More With Money

The reason why you’re going to love this book is because:

  1. You’re going to realize that profit is not the money you have left over after expenses. It’s actually taken out BEFORE expense
  2. Your paycheck is actually an expense and not profit. You pay yourself as an employee of your business, the profit is the money that you get and an investor of your business. This was a mindblowing concept for me because I started to realize that I wasn’t just paying myself once, I was paying myself twice.

Mike talks further about how to set up this system and how to automate it in the book.

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

I discovered this guy named Mahdi Woordward who was showing up all over my insta friends feeds. He hosted a live where he talked about this book right here called the E-Myth. Now I have seen this book on and off the internet for YEARS, and still chose not to read it. Shame on me.

During the pandemic I found myself working tirelessly around the clock to book new clients to the point where I was not only resenting doing the work, but I was dropping the ball left and right trying to be a jack of all trades. When I wasn’t homeschooling, I was a housewife, when I wasn’t a housewife, I was doing sales, when I wasn’t doing sales, I had to be the designer. When I wasn’t the designer, I was the client relations manager. It was absolute pandemonium 24 hours a day and I was exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, physically. I was tired. No more.

The E-Myth Revisited - Paperback Book

This book called me out! Edges were snached, wigs were flying. It was everything that I needed to hear to really make the transformation required for my business.

The reason you’ll fall head over heels with this book is because

  1. You’ll realize you needs to create a system for your business that does not require you to be there to operate it
  2. You’ll realize when you’re being the doer (the person who is just checking off things on the task list) vs. being an entrepreneur (the visionary who is going to help the business go from 0 to a million)

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing": An Interview with Daniel  Pink - Quiet Revolution

I can’t remember the exact reason why I picked up this book, but I am glad that I did pick it up because I learned so much about timing and how it affects everything. No, this book is not your traditional business entrepreneurial book like you would think. Nor is it a personal development book. It’s actually a book about understanding when to make a move and when to stay put. This is especially relevant for this era of of uncertainty and feeling like timing of everything is just wrong. So the reason you’re going to love this book as an entrepreneur is because…

It will help you understand that starting stuff from the beginning or at the end is actually really significant and something you need to pay attention to

But I’m Not an Expert by Meera Kothand

I really picked up this book because I was doing some research on how to help my clients become experts but along the way I found that this book was really good at outlining how even somebody who thinks of themselves as a seasoned expert can get more reach and really acquire that coveted expert title.

But I'm Not An Expert!: Go from newbie to expert and radically  skyrocket your influence without feeling like a fraud eBook: Kothand,  Meera: Kindle Store

I read a review that attacked this book for being mediocre because in their opinion it was basic information that targeted newbies. I really disagree. That review compared it to books like Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. And I’ve got to say after reading both I find this one to be better. The reason why this book spoke to me so much is because it got really tactical whereas I feel other books are very theoretical. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

This final one is all about mindset. I know Matt mindset is a taboo topic that no one wants to talk about because it feels to Lulu. It’s not very tactical and I’m saying this as a very tactical person myself. Remember how I talked about in the email I was more of a technician and not a entrepreneur? Well this book helped me to really just get in the entrepreneur State of mind.

On many occasions when I found myself just down in a funk and thinking that the world is going to end. I have to pick up this book. The reason you’re gonna love this book is because…

  1. It will take you out of your funky mood real quick
  2. It will remind you what to focus on
  3. It will help you understand that when you’re having a bad day–a day when a client is being a nightmare, or a sales call didn’t close, or you didn’t meet your monthly goal–to remember that is doesn’t last long. Before you know it, it’s over and you’re moving on to the next best thing.

The book goes into 10 principles that will help you exercise your mental muscles.


The books that will have you running when you hit the ground in 2021 are:

  1. Six Figure Women
  2. E-Myth
  3. Profit First
  4. The Greatest Salesman in the World
  5. But I’m Not and Expert
  6. When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing