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The Greatest Brand
Getting Organic Website Traffic when You’re Starting from Zero
You are highly mistaken if you believe redesigning your website will ultimately lead to an increase in organic website traffic. However when I started designing websites for online business owners I soon came to realize that people weren’t just hiring me to design a top notch website, they were expecting me to also deliver a website that instantly increased there organic traffic.
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This was a huge problem. I kept wondering how did these wires get completely crossed? Which is why we’re here today. I’m here to dispel the idea that website redesign = website traffic (because it down not). And to show you how you can ultimately increase your organic website traffic after a new website launch. In this post we’re going to be talking about
  1. Why website Redesign does not lead to website traffic
  2. Where to get organic traffic
  3. How to ultimately get more of it
First Let’s debunk this whole idea that redesigning your website will instantly get you traffic

A Redesign is not going to instantly get your more website traffic

I’m sure a lot of web designers are going to come for me for saying this but I’m saying it. Redesign does not equal to increased traffic. And that’s because the website alone can only do so much. Traffic by definition is literally the movement of a vehicle from point A to point B. But the vehicle can not move without a driver.