The Greatest Brand
The Greatest Brand
3 Simple Tweaks to Boost Leads

If you’re here it’s because you probably want to know how you can instantly increase the amount of potential customers coming to your website. I aim to please, so today we’re going to talk about 3 Simple tweaks that will help you unlock your website’s potential and boost leads and sales by 300%+ .

Here’s a way to tap into your website’s potential in just 30 minutes without any design or tech skills

Tweak 1:

People need to know Who you are, what you do, and how to work with you

This information should be above the fold (the area you see on your website before you start scrolling).

Tweak 2:

Make your website mobile responsive for different devices

You may think it’s mobile responsive and suddenly see that on mobile your website doesn’t perform as great on mobile as it does on desktop. Because it violates the first tweak (see above)

Tweak 3:

Showcase the positive reviews from people who trusted you

These are people who aren’t your mom, your friends, or cat. OR showcase logos from brands that people actually recognize so they can associate you with that caliber of excellence.


Remember your website is a living breathing thing that needs to be tweaked periodically. The top 3 Simple Tweaks to Boost Leads on your website are going to be

  1. Making edits to the hero section on your home page
  2. Making sure your call to actions are clear and easily viewable on various mobile devices.
  3. Updating your testimonials, feature in logos, press releases, etc to brands or industries that other people trust and recognize

Which tweak are you in violation of? 1, 2 or all three?