How the Writing on Your Website Can Help You Sell Your 4-figure Service or Course

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How Website Copywriting can Help You Sell Your Service or Course Offer

So, you finally took the plunge and launched a service or a product on your website. But after a few weeks of crickets, you’re likely wondering why your service isn’t selling the way you thought it would.

If your service or course isn’t flying off the shelf, it’s likely because the visitor on your website could be experiencing one of two problems:

  1. The website user experience is difficult, or
  2. The information on your website isn’t convincing enough

The latter, can be easily fixed with a website copywriter.

In this post, we’ll be talking about…

  • What website copy is
  • Who a website copywriter is and what a website copywriter does
  • Why it’s a good thing to hire them, and
  • Where to find them

What the Heck is Website Copy?

If you’ve ever heard a professional website designer or developer talk about needing “the copy” you’ve probably scratched your head and thought “Is this person speaking English?”

Website copy is a technical industry term used to describe the core information that tells your website visitors exactly what they need to know. Even further, it’s main purpose is to tell a really convincing story that will persuade that person who is just lurking about your website, to get to know you, to trust you, like you and ultimately to buy from you. This is where a copywriter comes in.

What is a Website Copywriter?

In a nutshell, a website copywriter can be your new best friend if you have no clue how to write information that will get people to buy. A good copywriter will be able to tune into the voice of your audience, tell an engaging story, clearly explain what you do, and finally, get that visitor to make a yes or no decision.

And this is significant, because in my experience, the real reason why people just don’t buy is not because your service or course is bad, but because they’re just not convinced it’s for them. But if you can clearly articulate their problem, show them what it would be like if that problem were gone with the wind, and why you’re the best person to do it, you’re likely going to get a sale.

Why It’s a Good Great Thing to Hire a Copywriter

As a business owner/podcaster with a gazillion things on your list, you’re going to find that the main reason you want to hire a copywriter it to save yourself some time.

Producing a podcast is already time consuming. From getting sponsorships, to writing your episode scripts, batch recordings, securing interviews, editing, and planning out your quarters, asking you to copywrite the perfect page can be a tall order on top of an already growing list.

A copywriter will have years of experience that you don’t have, and the boatload of time that your desperately need to get you the results you’re looking for, fast!

Here’s some ways you know you need a copywriter:

  • You find yourself asking someone “Can you read this? Does it sound good?”, or
  • You find yourself having trouble explain what you do, or
  • Your website is driving people away (meaning your bounce rate is abnormally high), or
  • You website isn’t capturing any emails, or
  • No one is commenting your information

Where to Find the Best Copywriter for Your Website

You would think a simple Google search would suffice, but phewww…they are hard to find! I found the best way to find them is through recommendations.

Usually when you hire a web designer, they will have a solid list of go to copywriters. I have a list of website copywriters that I’ve come across who really know their stuff.

Ultimately you’ll know if that copywriter is perfect for your based on your specifics needs, but the best ones will give you options to work with they whether it’s virtually, in-person, through a course, or one-on-one.


If you’re having trouble with selling your high ticket offer, it could be because your website copy is just not convincing your potential buyer of how great your stuff is. Website copy tells your website visitor the information they need to know.

It’s different from just simple content information because it’s written to be persuasive and action oriented.

A copywriter is the person who is experienced at clearly explaining what you do, articulating the specific problem the visitor may have, and convincing them that your 4-figure service or course is better than cake (or kale if that your thing).

It’s in your best interest to hire them, because they’ll use their years of experience to write something that’s perfect for your business in an efficient time saving manner that gets results.

Use my list of recommended copywriters to find someone who can work with you specifically.

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