Copywriting Courses that Are Well Worth Your Money

You’re likely here because you are struggling with the copy on your website. It probably sounds too corporate, lacks character, or completely does not sound like you. You’ve already done your homework and found out that you need better website copy to help convert your website traffic into people who will ultimately turn into your […]

How to Fix an Incredibly Bad First Impression of Your Website

No one intends on making a bad first impression. Sometimes in life these things just happen. But know that just because you made a bad first impression, that it is not the end of the world, and in fact, you can bounce back from it in some simple ways that you may find surprising. Today […]

WIX vs. WordPress – Which One You Should Really Be Using

Which One Should I use? You’re probably here because you are ready to start a website but have been hearing a lot of people rant about using WordPress vs. WIX. You’re most likely new to creating a website, want to build something very quick and simple, but you also really care about it looking aesthetically […]

Best WordPress Security Plugins for Your Podcast Website 2020

If you’re concerned about spammers over bearing your comments of someone hacking into your account, you’re in the right place because today we’re going to be talking about some solid plugin options that you can use on your WordPress site to help protect it. In this post we’ll be talking about The risks of being […]