What To Do After You Launch Your Website

So you just launched a website, now what? Can I make a confession? Some designer will probably never tell you this, but in my two years of making business, I’ve seen people who have invested in a professional website, only to see that their website never launched. I know. I’m rolling my eyes too! Each […]

Best Copywriters Who Will Help You Sell Your 4-figure Service or Course

Let’s talk about the copywriters. Sometime you don’t know who is worth spending your money on and who is not. But with a little help, you can get some direction in the right step. In this article we’re going to be talking about some great copywriters that can helps your turn you website into a […]

How To Pay for An Expensive Website

I’m so glad you decided to read this article because this topic has been on my mind for months! If you’re here it’s likely because you want to work with a high end website designer (by high end I’m talking about someone who is charging $3-10K to design a custom website for you) but, you […]

Remove These From Your Website Immediately

You’re likely here because you’re one of the many website owners who wants to rank better on google. In fact, this is probably the number one goal of majority of my client projects. They say “I want to rank higher on google. So the other day when I saw a video by neil patel, it […]

Brandfiesta! Master Class Series

Hey You! I’m so glad you’re here! This is Brandfiesta! Brandfiesta is a 5 day workshop series (party style) that talks about how to position your brand for a 4-figure offer. Below you’ll find the videos of recorded session from the live event. Comment away and let me know all of your burning questions, because […]