How to Run Your Business Like Olivia Pope

Grab your white hat and stand firmly in the sun my fellow gladiators. It’s time to reminisce the legacy that is our fearless leader Olivia pope. Many years ago, before How To Get Away With Murder, or The year of yes, Shonda Rhimes introduced a most fascinating and enticing woman name Olivia Pope: the woman […]

No Excuses! Being Accountable for Your Success.

Have you ever told a friend: “You know what, I’m going to [insert amazing and ambitious idea here].” and your friend responded, “Oh yeah! and I’m going to [insert their even crazier, even more ambitious dream here].” And you two got all excited, talked about how great life would be and made promises to follow […]

Setting Yourself Up to Actually Achieve Really Ambitious Goals

    Remember that moment when you were 6 years old, and you thought you were going to be the first person to ever create teleportation? No? Only me? The point is when we were young, we thought we were going to change the world. We had these big dreams of becoming the next president, […]

Is It Possible? Hell Yes! – What to do when you feel discouraged

Is it really possible? At four in the morning the average person is sound asleep in a comfortable bed usually under a warm blanket and if we are lucky enough, cuddled up next to someone we love. But not me. As we speak it is 4am and I am wide awake staring into the darkness […]