Best Copywriters Who Will Help You Sell Your 4-figure Service or Course

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I’m Shirley. Your brand is a hidden treasure and my job is to help you get seen, heard, and paid what you’re worth.

Let’s talk about the copywriters. Sometime you don’t know who is worth spending your money on and who is not. But with a little help, you can get some direction in the right step.

In this article we’re going to be talking about some great copywriters that can helps your turn you website into a money making machine

But first..

What in the heck is copywriting? Well my dear, I’m glad you asked.

In a previous article, I talked about how the words on your website can help you make a lot of money. (I’m talking heavy bags to the bank type of money). When you’re able to articulate exactly what the person on your website is feeling and turn in into a symphony of magic that your people have been dying to read, you can instantly create trust, credibility, and a relationship with people that will make them want to throw all of their cash at you.

In the internet street we call this website copywriting. Copywriting is slightly different from your average ordinary blog writing, because the sole purpose of the copywriter is really to persuade you to make moves (preferably money moves).

With that being said, an entire industry has been created out there specifically to help you talk sweet nothings into your ideal client’s ears. So much so that it’s a little overwhelming to find one that is a worth investing in. So I created this list that will help you find the one that may be the perfect match for you. Let’s get into it.

Laura Belgray |

I stumbled upon Laura through her program with Marie Forleo. I’m not going to lie, what really hooked me was the fun branding and the quirkiness of it. Why you’ll love her: if you’re attracted to the branding, likely you also be attracted to her fun twist on words.

Rita Olds |

I found Rita through a mentor. To date, I have sent about 5 of my clients to her and she has worked on their website sales pages. What I’ve noticed people love about here is how she flexs her website copy to fit your brands personality. Sometimes you may find a copywriter has one unique style, so what you’ll love about Rita is her ability to be versatile.

Ashlyn Writes |

I go to Youtube for just about everything, and it’s no surprise that I found Ashlyn through Youtube. She has an insane amount of really great information on her youtube channel. I’m almost shocked by how much she gives away for completely free. What you’ll love about her is her whitty writing. From looking at her work, she definitely is a champion at capturing all the details. She also specializes in sales conversions which is perfect for you if you are looking to hire a copywriter who will specifically help you with a big launch.

Copy Uncorked |

I found Copy Uncorked through Tonic (a showit website template shop) and was really attracted to the unique branding. If you’re familiar with Tonic, you’ll know that their entire branding is influenced by tasty cocktails. In a similar fashion, Copy Uncorked fashions their branding around a great wine. What you’ll love about them is their clever ways with words. I do love it when a copywriter can take a brand theme, and really find an excellent play on words to really give the brand personality.

Obedient |

Y’all when I tell you as a designer I am completely obsessed with this branding, I mean I am obsessed. What you’ll love about them is the approach. They wholeheartedly believe that making people laugh is what sells, period. I can tell you right now that I’ve probably spent my fair share of momeny specifically on websites with copy that made me laugh. For instance, I spent more money than I care to admit on anything written by Bushra from Persuasion Revolution and copywriting is not even her business. So you’ll likely want to hire a copywriter like Obedient if you’re looking to use humor to connect and sell.

ells me that she may be a great pick if you are looking to optimize your website copy to be more searchable.

Word Stylistz |

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a copywriter who works with a variety of budgets. I can’t remember  exact how I stumbled across April, I’m glad I did because she’s pretty amazing. I ordered her book on kindle (and one of these day I need to crack it open and finish it). What’s appealing about her copywriting (outside of how funny she is) is the options she has available to business owners at different stages. Copywriting services can cost almost as much as designing a full website, so it’s nice to have a service provider who can meet you at all levels.

I’ll continue to expand this list as I stumble across more people so that you can see if that agency or person is right for you, so don’t forget to check back in for an update.

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