Why I Love (and hate) Designing Websites With WordPress

What I Love about Wordpress

I know you’re probably thinking, it’s 2022 (or later)…why on earth is anyone still using WordPress. I get it. Now a days telling people you use WordPress to host your website is like telling someone you still talk to your friends on Facebook. 😬 Despite  what people think, WordPress was released around the same time […]

10 Life Changing Podcasts Hosted by Phenomenal Black Women 2022

10 Phenomenal Podcast hosted by Black Women

About three years ago I was commuting a total of 3 hours to and from work and it became very apparent to me that if I was going to make commuting remotely pleasant I needed something entertaining to pass the time. Enter audio books. What was interesting though was that through these audio books I […]

Getting People on Your Email List Before Your Website Launches

Even if you are still working on your website, don’t despair there is still a way to grab people’s attentions and get their contact information so you can keep in touch. How To Get People On Your Email List Before Your Website Goes Live In this post we’re going to talk about… how you can […]

What To Do After You Launch Your Website

So you just launched a website, now what? Can I make a confession? Some designer will probably never tell you this, but in my two years of making business, I’ve seen people who have invested in a professional website, only to see that their website never launched. I know. I’m rolling my eyes too! Each […]

Best Copywriters Who Will Help You Sell Your 4-figure Service or Course

Let’s talk about the copywriters. Sometime you don’t know who is worth spending your money on and who is not. But with a little help, you can get some direction in the right step. In this article we’re going to be talking about some great copywriters that can helps your turn you website into a […]